Welcome to Sweet Skills coaching articles!

A bit of background first if I may. The idea for Sweet Skills started about two years ago when I had the idea to put a rolling video on the internet, I presented this idea to a close friend of mine who would work the camera. Dave said great, but why just rolling? Why not an OC1 fundamentals video? This progressed into a ten day mission on the stunning River Soca in Slovenia in May 2011 to get the footage and stills. I also decided to write this series of supporting articles that would be free for anyone to use.

I feel that it is important for you to understand how the articles are intended to be used. I have made an effort not to prescribe a way of paddling, but to give ideas and concepts that you can experiment with and practice. With this in mind if some parts of the articles come across as a little prescriptive it is merely to give an experience that can be adapted to your paddling style. Many of the areas that have been isolated only really come to life when blended together on the river, please bear this in mind when studying the articles and practising.

Deliberate and appropriate practice will accelerate your paddling. Saying that I am more than aware that paddling means different things to different people, setting an amount of time aside when you are happy to practice will help to keep you focused. Some paddlers like to practice every time they paddle! Others find bits of practice here and there more beneficial.

In return for these articles I would appreciate a couple of things. The first is an open mind on any concepts and ideas that you are not familiar with; when we experiment with something new sometimes it often feels awkward or inappropriate. Give yourself time to get a feel for these concepts on the water before coming to any conclusions. Secondly if you have any questions or feedback on any of the articles or videos it would be great it if you could share your comments and ideas on this Cboats sticky or e-mail them to info@sweet-skills.com

Many thanks and we hope you have fun experimenting with any new ideas and concepts.

Kelvin and Dave.